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About US

You surely have found the appropriate partner in us. 

  • Our team can refer to decades of experience in industrial assembly, knowing what to do and how to do "it".
  • Your requirements are always in our focus and thus we will find the proper solution for complex tasks.
  • Together with you we can ensure reliability and transparency on all levels.

Our strengths are 

  • Our technical competence and our global orientation. The ORCA Asia Pacific (based in Malaysia) complements us in this respect, giving us the required flexibility not only, but mainly, in the Southeast Asian region.
  • Reliable network partners (technical/personal), worldwide complement our power to be up to almost any task. Not only are we close to the customer, but directly on site as well.

Every challenge inspires us with enthusiasm. 

  • Under the leadership of the owner, we perform our work dynamically and vigorously.
  • Promptitude through short lines of decision and a high degree of versatility allow us to respond always individually.
  • Thus, we not only see to due-date reliability but also pave the way for innovations.