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Assemblies and relocations

Every assembly project is unique and therefore requires pertinent know-how and a high degree of flexibility. This is just a feature of what ORCA Industriemontagen does. 

Whether you need the entire package or individual services: We have experience in

  • Dismantling and move-out,
  • packaging and transport, 
  • Move-in and re-assembly (including support during commissioning)
  • commissioning of any types of machines and systems

– worldwide, no matter what the location may be.

Even during the disassembly process we can professionally make sure that your machines and systems will properly run after a relocation. We can safely take all parts out of your building - even in an unconventional way. To this effect we make sure that:

  • machines are properly separated from the supplies mechanically and electrically and are appropriately identified 
  • dismantled plant parts are identified in an understandable way,
  • all parts are cleaned and prepared for transport and
  • a complete documentation is available.

We can get your carefully packed machines and equipment on the right track. 

Whether on land, water, rail or air - we can always find the safest, fastest and most costefficient way. 

The compliance with the required and agreed packaging solution as well as the relevant directive specifications is a matter of course. 

If your machines cross borders, our expert partner can also provide help in customs clearing processes.

Having arrived at the new site, we can take your machines and systems into the building. 

To this effect, we use appropriate ways even if they are not (always) usual. 

Certainly always safely and with the appropriate equipment. In such a case we handle new machines/systems as carefully as your relocated/used systems. 

As soon as the parts are positioned, we align them exactly, mount them mechanically and electrically and establish the connections to the in-house supply lines.

Whether it is a new installation, relocation of machines or a relocation of production: all machines must finally be ready for production. 

We can assume this service for you: Ranging from the preparation of the machine geometry to the I/O test for ensuring the functionality of the machines and systems. 

Together with you or the manufacturer, we can accompany the commissioning until the readiness of production of the systems and machines is re-established (good-part inspection).

Relocations of machines almost regularly require safety checks of the electrical equipment according to DGUV V3. If required, we will complement these services for you. 

No matter whether an exchange of machine parts, impending retrofitting or relocation is concerned: Cleaning work on the machines is then necessary in most cases. 

To prevent you from taking care of it yourself, we can find the appropriate service provider among our partners e.g. for manual cleaning or de-icing and can offer you these services directly on site, if necessary. 

After the completion of the assembly services, lacquer coatings will re-establish the overall appearance of your systems. We can provide support on request.

The ORCA assembly team can support you beyond the dismantling or relocation processes in:

  • decommissining of existing systems, 
  • disposal or
  • storage of machinery and systems.

We can take care of every disposal, from an expert separation and the compliance with legal requirements to the necessary documented evidence. 

We can use our network to find proper storehouses for you in case of a storage - no matter whether for short-term or long-term rents.