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Manufacturer Service

We can expand your internal capacity and flexibility

The assembly of your high-tech machines needs highly qualified technicians and fitters. They know your systems inside out at the best. This is the time when we are involved. ORCA technicians and fitters not only prove themselves through their existing skills, but are also trained specifically to your systems. In close cooperation with you as the manufacturer we see to the required further training, exactly matching your requirements. 

After the training, we can support you in inspections at the assembly sites as well as in the planning of deliveries. We can take over your machine parts at the destination, place them professionally and safely in the buildings and mount all individual parts of the systems mechanically and electrically. 

On request, we can even accept the transport. Using professional experts, we thus can perform all plannable and standardized tasks up to the acceptance for you. Thus, your highly qualified technicians can devote themselves to the direct customer benefit and can create an added value, e.g. by the reduction of downtimes.